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Letter: Metro staff working hard to make customers happy

Metro staff working hard to make customers happy

In public transit, just like in golf and many aspects in life, there is always room for improvement. Although we appreciate The Buffalo News recognizing Metro’s documented improvement and success in providing safe, quick and reliable access to jobs, portions of the editorial are not fair-minded to the dedicated men and women of Metro and the customers they proudly serve each day.

As verified by an independent survey of 3,900 transit riders commissioned by the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Transportation Council, 90 percent of our customers are satisfied with our bus and rail services, including more than half who said they were “very satisfied” with the service. We want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied and we all strive very hard every day to reach that goal.

We believe the Metro’s improvement in the rankings demonstrates a unified collaborative approach to smart growth housing, jobs and land use initiatives as embraced by One Region Forward, all of its key partners and the governor’s Regional Economic Development Councils.

For a city size that is ranked 47th, a rating of 22nd is indeed remarkable and demonstrates the collective good being done in our region. Better coordination of transit service with the location of jobs and housing will improve job accessibility by transit. Otherwise, without significant transit investment, it’s unrealistic to expect this rating ever to be No. 1 when comparing with systems in New York City, San Francisco, Boston and other larger cities. But that doesn’t mean that collectively we will ever stop trying.

While our Bills may have lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, we did in fact outperform that city in the delivery of vital transit services, as Jacksonville landed nearly off the chart at No. 47.

Kimberley Minkel

Executive Director

Niagara Frontier Transportation


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