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Letter: Character sorely lacking in our childish president

Character sorely lacking in our childish president

He chides “Little Marco” for his feeble public speaking and water drinking skills, then proceeds to demonstrate the most awkward two-handed bottle slurp – degree of difficulty, 2.0 – you’ll ever see during his own podium performance.

He chastises the NFL players for taking a knee during the anthem as an insult to our troops and veterans, yet he displays a rather sketchy grasp of the lyrics during his own gridiron rendition of our sacred song. We won’t even get into his many Vietnam deferments.

He whines that he is being libeled, slandered and tarnished by the Russia investigation. (There is no collusion. I repeat, there is no collusion. And in case you didn’t hear me the first 16 times, there is no collusion.) Yet he persistently tried to tar and feather our first African-American president as really being our first African president. Barack Obama used to say there were no red states or blue states, there was only the United States. Donald Trump likes to say there are only winners and losers. He is always the winner, and anyone who disagrees with him is a real loser.

We can debate our divergent philosophies and policy prescriptions, for there is legitimacy amongst all honest brokers. Character, on the other hand, or better yet, lack thereof, trumps all, and that is the real tragedy of this administration.

It’s 11, Mr. President. Time to put on your thin skin and go to work.

Joe Sullivan


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