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Letter: Things are looking up since Trump took helm

Things are looking up since Trump took helm

President Trump, one year in. He’s been called every name in the book, including the favorite, “unhinged,” by the mainstream media and left-wing, late-night talk shows. Not a single positive headline, ever!

Some one-year undisputable facts:

• Dow closed at record high 25,075.13.

• Manufacturing in U.S. accelerated to its best year since 2004.

• 16 regulations cut for every new one created.

• Unemployment at 17-year low.

• Home prices up 6 percent.

• Food stamp use at 7-year low.

• Two-quarters of GDP growth over 3 percent.

• Job cut announcements in 2017 at lowest since 1990.

And the list goes on. If this is “unhinged,” I’ll take seven more years of “unhinged.”

Christopher Misztal


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