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Letter: It’s alarming that Trump greatly admires dictators

It’s alarming that Trump greatly admires dictators

Let’s look at the strategy of various government leaders. We’ll start with Adolf Hitler, who took charge of his legal system by using his SS as policemen, and Vladimir Putin, who controls his legal system, and now President Trump, who is trying to do the same by either putting his supporters on the bench or by discrediting the very organization that protects us because he has thus far been unable to own them.

Isn’t that why James Comey was fired as FBI director? Unfortunately, Trump owns Jeff Sessions, which frightens me.

Next we go to the news agencies. Hitler closed offices or burned them down. Putin either owns the news companies through his oligarchies or has journalists assassinated.

Now we have Trump, who praises the news company he seems to own and condemns the rest for “fake news.” The only fake news is him lying over 100 times since he took office.

Hitler wanted to control Europe by invading one country after another, as Putin is doing now. Trump goes about it a different way. He likes to bully the nations that disagree with him by threatening to stop money to them. Does he think we gave these countries money out of the goodness of our hearts? I am sure these countries help us.

Well, I see our president as an admirer of these rulers. Their goal is to own the legal system, destroy the news media and make enemies of the countries that don’t kowtow to them. What do you think? It’s called tyranny!

Connie Rudes

East Amherst

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