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Letter: Concealed carry laws promote self-defense

Concealed carry laws promote self-defense

In their Jan. 6 letter, two good men from Derby make their case against Rep. Chris Collins with good rationale. Further, their argument against folks having what the writers identify as “guns of war,” i.e., semiautomatic weapons, seems indisputable.

But then they descend into the same old rhetoric about concealed carry as if they don’t get it. Look around in our own community in just recent months: Four assaults of “Skip the Dishes” food deliverymen. Ongoing violence and robbery of pizza delivery workers. These are just vulnerable men and women trying to earn a living any way they can and being victimized and having their lives threatened. Sexual assault at NCCC and SUNY Buffalo State, and an angry man taking a rifle to a dollar store and then his mother condemning the community. I’m with college rape victim and now self-defense advocate Dana Loesch on this one. No government or citizens committee has any business trying to stop people from defending themselves.

The reality of life in our communities with constant threat of intimidation and violence has nothing to do with law-abiding men and women who choose to carry a weapon for self-defense and everything to do with angry, antisocial disturbed folks who prey upon the vulnerable because they can get away with it.

David Casassa


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