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'An Act of God' takes humorous look at religion

It would make life much simpler for true believers if God just dropped in and explained himself.

That's the simple premise of David Javerbaum's play "An Act of God," a send-up of the Christian faith opening Jan. 11 by O'Connell and Company.

The production stars Joey Bucheker as an actor whose body has been possessed by the big guy for the purpose of explaining the purpose of the Ten Commandments, once and for all. He is joined by Dan Morris and Jake Hayes as a pair of comic angels. The role was performed on Broadway by Sean Hayes of "Will and Grace" and Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory."

"It can be very funny but it can also be very provocative," said director Victoria Perez. "For some people it might come off as a little harsh, people who are really strong in their Christian belief. But for those people, I implore them to see the play because it lands in such an honest, human way."

"An Act of God": Opens Jan. 11 and runs through Feb. 11 in the Park School of Buffalo, 4625 Harlem Road. Tickets are $15 to $30. Call 848-0800 or visit

Joey Bucheker, who plays God, acts during a scene of O'Connell and Company's presentation of "An Act of God." (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)

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