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Letter: Short visit to Europe fails to give accurate description

Short visit to Europe fails to give accurate description

I am writing this in response to Joseph V. Curatolo’s My View article, which appeared in the Jan. 5 News. I read the article with great interest. The writer bases his opinion on only three countries out of the almost 50 in Europe.

In order to judge, one must have lived there. I lived in Europe most of my life with some intervals here in this country, which I love, by the way.

Yes, Yugoslavia was in a terrible war. I listened to NPR every night while I was feeding my newborn baby in 1993. When I was teaching my native language in Washington, D.C., around the same time, I had a student from Yugoslavia who said that once Tito was gone, there would be war. And she was right. That war really was awful.

If the writer wants to “spend time talking with people who have suffered large-scale tragedy or war,” he should talk to veterans here. They were just thrown into war and tragedy.

And yes, America (and by that he probably means only the United States, I believe) may still be the place to live, but only if one lives in the middle class or above. Millions of Americans, including children, go to bed hungry every night.

The social system in Western Europe is wonderful. Everybody is insured and taken care of.

When my brother’s wife died at the tender age of 24, her health insurance picked up 75 percent of his salary so that he could take care of his infant son and his toddler daughter.

Live and work in Europe for at least a year in order to judge; don’t just “see Europe in three days.”

Christina Ruhl

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