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Letter: Cuomo’s policies burden every resident of New York

Cuomo’s policies burden every resident of New York

Once again our governor blames everyone but himself for the dire financial situation that burdens every New York resident. Andrew Cuomo knows only too well that his “we will take care of everyone approach” not only costs more than the $4 billion shortfall in his overly liberal budget but is robbing the hard-working people of this state of the very services they deserve.

How about all those crumbling bridges and roads covered with years of pothole patch, electrical grids that haven’t been brought up to speed since installed, sewer and water systems that languish for attention, maintaining parks and many other simple tasks that need regular attention?

It’s time to be honest. Most people in every state are going to benefit from the new tax reform passed by Congress.

Why does the governor feel spending millions on suing the federal government to stop the new tax plan is money well spent? Cuomo’s desires are aimed at one thing: the higher-income earning donors of his party who vote for him.

They earn millions. How can Cuomo say it’s not fair they don’t get to deduct their state and local taxes? The poor and middle class deserve a tax break and they’re going to get one.

The days of all talk and no action are over. People like Cuomo should be put out to pasture.

Democrats or Republicans, if they’re not able to do the job, should be voted out of office. New York State is a financial mess. You won’t find many who would say otherwise.

If people are honest with themselves, they’re going to rise up and take their state back from the do-nothing politicians from the governor on down. How about some new young and ambitious people who would look at both sides?

Enough of the old cronies taking up space. The young people of today are well-qualified and only want a chance. Give it to them. They’re going to do a much better job than the people now in office. The governor should remember that those people vote as well.

Mark Neupert


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