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Beane acknowledges Bills have ammo to move up in draft with 8 picks in first 5 rounds

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane acknowledged Tuesday that the team has plenty of ammunition to trade up in the draft if they so choose, adding "we’ll go where we need to go to get the right players."

All eight of the Bills' 2018 draft picks come in the first five rounds. That includes two picks in the first round — 21st and 22nd overall — and two in the second.

"The good thing is we have a lot of draft capital," Beane said when asked about potentially trading up to take a quarterback. "And we can stay there and pick, we can move up, we can move back. We can do a lot of different things. It’s so early in the process. I mean, we’ve seen these college guys on the field, but we have yet to meet any of them and to know who they are. You rank these guys [on] what you see on the film, but until you know them and know how they know the game and all that — talking about the quarterback position — there are so many layers of what it takes to play quarterback in this league. And we’ve talked about them, that we’re still a long way to go [in our evaluation]. So, it’s too early for me to answer what we would do, whether we would do it or not, but yes. We’ll go where we need to go to get the right players."

Beane was asked later if he would prefer to acquire a franchise quarterback through the draft.

"You want a franchise quarterback, everybody does. I said that back when I got here: That’s one of the GM’s main jobs is to have a franchise quarterback. It’s a quarterback league," Beane said. "Where you get it, I really don’t care. If you give me one, whether he’s on the street now, whether he’s a free agent, whether I draft him, I’ll take one anywhere."

Here are the Bills picks by round:

1st: Bills' own first (21st overall) and Chiefs' first (22nd).
2nd: Bills' own second (53rd) and Rams' second (56th).
3rd: Eagles' third (TBD); Bills traded theirs to Panthers.
4th: Bills' own fourth (TBD).
5th: Bills' own fifth (TBD) and Jaguars' fifth (TBD).
6th: None, Bills traded theirs to Rams.
7th: None, Bills traded theirs to Packers and traded the Chargers' seventh from the Cardale Jones trade to the Panthers.

The team is not expecting any compensatory picks.

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