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Letter: Bills unite community, are worthy of the hype

Bills unite community, are worthy of the hype

In a recent column, Rod Watson bemoaned the hype surrounding the Bills’ recent success in ending the playoff drought as disproportionate compared with the compelling issues of the day.

No doubt other things are much more important. Does the white cop shoot the black man because he’s racist and poorly trained or is it because the man he shoots fits in with so many of the bad guys he’s had to face in the past? Is our nation in the hands of an egomaniacal narcissistic liar, or do we have the leader America wants? These questions are complex, nuanced and divisive.

Football is easy. It plays out in a 100-yard by 160-foot universe. This universe exists each Sunday and invites us in for a few hours. And in that time, it unites us as a community. Young, old, black, white, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, Jew – whatever, we come together with a common interest, a common goal and a shared hope. That, in all its artificial grandeur, is what makes this worthy of all the hype.

This team has held the mosaic pieces of our community together. For too many years, however, our time spent together in this artificial universe has produced little more than broken tables and embarrassing videos. This year, it has turbocharged civic pride and inspired the best in our citizens – ask Andy Dalton what it will mean to hundreds of children in need.

Football is easy. No one likes it when you try to make it hard (ask Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow). For a few hours, we are the people we should be – we rejoice and lament as one.

Soon enough you can turn our attention back to the stuff of real life with all its outrage, uncertainty and insanity.

Chuck Hayes


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