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Resolutions for your home in 2018

Whether it’s organizing the closets, shopping for new lamps or rearranging the furniture, people often feel motivated to spruce things up around the house come January.

For many people, cleaning out the clutter and organizing top the list. This time of year I always get in the mood to move stuff around. Lamps, artwork, pottery ... nothing is safe when I enter a room.

I’m also reminded of something an interior designer once told me: Once a year replace or repair something that needs it. Maybe it’s replacing tired draperies. Recovering a chair. Or refinishing the coffee table.

Or, as Apartment Therapy contributor Marlen Komar recently suggested as one of seven design resolutions for 2018: Finally tackle that one thing that makes your eye twitch.

“Do you hate the blinds in your bedroom? Are you sick and tired of the rug in the living room? Have you been itching to paint your kitchen cabinets? Make this the year you finally do it! Create a special account where you can slowly save up for the items you need to make it happen, and when you reach your goal, dive in and tackle that project. It will finally be off your list,” she wrote on the website.

Here are a few other ideas that I have gathered that may inspire you:

• Replace tired looking lamp shades. It will give your lamp a whole new look. I have replaced a few of our shades over time and it really makes a difference. Just be sure you take the lamp with you to ensure a proper fit.

• From Better Homes and Gardens: Try a new hue. “Gray and beige are great, but what about emerald, fuchsia, or sunflower? If you’re not ready to commit to a full-on color revamp, start with hints of a new hue. Even the smallest pop of color on pillows, rugs, or curtains can create a sunny disposition,” recommends the article on

• Hang artwork that’s been sitting around – even if you need to frame it first. This is on my list. Websites galore offer tips on creating a gallery wall, if that’s the look you want. Displaying artwork feels like a huge accomplishment.

• Make your bedroom more restful and relaxing. Tips from the website include keeping only essential furniture in your bedroom, moving the TV and other electronics to another room and keeping decor and personal objects on display to a minimum.

From Get your place ready for entertaining. It doesn’t have to be a kitchen remodel, said designer Stuart McCormick. Instead think updates. Add a few large, lush plants in pots that complement your decor. Pick an underused color and use more of it with pillows, a throw or rug. Rearrange the furniture in conversation groups – not just facing the TV.

Then invite a few friends over to your updated space and expect compliments.

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