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Letter: Legalizing marijuana will lead to more addicts

Legalizing marijuana will lead to more addicts

On the last day of the old year, The News ran a wonderful article about the Total Freedom Farm, a residential drug program in Darien Center. It is a 12-step spiritual program similar to AA and Narcotics Anonymous. The program treats addicts wanting, desiring a way off their addictions.

The program is structured in everything they do, from the time they get out of bed, to showers, meals, work or community volunteer time, and quiet time leading to bedtime. No smoking is allowed by residents or their visitors, because it can be a catalyst to addiction, regardless of the fact it is legal.

On the second day of the new year there was another article on the Ontario Pot Farm expansion due to the legalization of recreational marijuana. More and more states are legalizing recreational marijuana even though we have insurance companies in states where it is already legal telling us that car accidents are on the rise. There have been studies that show users in those states can’t hold or keep jobs or care to finish their education.

So, can someone please tell me why we have programs such as the Freedom Farm, Kids Escaping Drugs, AA, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Drug Courts, warnings from the Attorney General’s Office about the harmful effects of tobacco, yet states are still considering legalizing yet another drug? Are the taxes the states get worth it?

Lorraine Ceccarelli


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