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Letter: Individual gun owners are not here to protect public

Individual gun owners are not here to protect public

A recent letter from a gun rights advocate had me checking the date on my calendar. The allegories he used reflected an old Western movie, not today’s society. All the references to good guys with guns defending citizens from bad guys and thereby making the country a safer place are simplistic scenarios.

Most recently, five deputies (actual armed and trained law enforcement officers) were shot (one fatally) while responding to a domestic violence disturbance in a Denver suburb.

The Sutherland Springs, Texas, shooter (even though he had been court-martialed) was able to legally purchase weapons because the military failed to put his name into the national gun buyer registry.

Sarah Palin’s husband pointed a gun at his own son (a military vet with PTSD).

A recent ISIS video looking for new recruits in the U.S. encourages prospective terrorists to avail themselves of the easy accessibility of guns everywhere in our country. The Mexican government is trying to stop the flow of guns coming from the U.S. to Mexican drug gangs.

Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal states, “untrained and potentially dangerous people have no business carrying guns in our communities.” He also commented that the concealed carry reciprocity agreement is an affront to our safety as a nation.

Legal limitations and safety standards do not disarm legal gun owners, but individual gun owners are not the source of security for the general public.

Helen M. Shoff

West Seneca

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