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Letter: Buffalo fans need to be on their best behavior

Buffalo fans need to be on their best behavior

Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors. Those neighbors are not just the people who live next door to you, across the street or the next town over. They are in regions and cities all across our nation.

Our family holds season tickets for the Buffalo Sabres and we treat all visiting teams and their fans, whether local or from out of town, with the utmost respect. Many are visitors to our great city and of course we want to help represent with our best foot forward.

On a recent visit to North Carolina to see the Sabres play the Carolina Hurricanes there was a wonderful representation of Buffalo pride! It was great to see droves of Sabres fans and relocated Buffalonians rooting for the team from their hometown.

The only exception was a visiting Buffalo fan mocking Hurricane fans and Southerners in general. His verbal attacks were so classless my sister’s husband (born and raised in Tonawanda) had to leave his seat.

Let’s not be “that team” – those who are guests and make a mockery of Buffalo. Though we have had many sports disappointments in the past – wide right, no goal, no playoffs – let’s still shine through and be the fans who love our sports teams unconditionally and show that love with respect in the places we visit.

Remember, it is just a game and people will remember your actions, good or bad, for a lot longer than they will remember the score of the game.

Renee Hussar


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