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How much do Bills players get paid for their playoff game?

Here's a question that hasn't been asked around Western New York lately: How much do NFL players make for playoff games?

Every player gets paid the same in the playoffs. They'll make more money this week than many people will make in the entire year, but it's a surprisingly small amount of money by NFL standards.

Each Bills player will make $26,000 for this weekend's wild card game. Jaguars players will make $28,000 because they won their division.

If the Bills keep winning, they'll make $28,000 for playing in the divisional round and $51,000 for playing in the conference championship. The Super Bowl is the only round where winning pays more: Players on the winning team get $112,000 while players on the losing team get $56,000. Some players may also have bonuses in their contracts for reaching various rounds of the playoffs.

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Playoff pay is established in the league's collective bargaining agreement and increases every year. It may seem like a lot of money – and it is – but it's significantly less than players make during the regular season.

LeSean McCoy, for example, has a $6 million base salary this season. That means each one of his 16 game checks paid him $375,000. He'll make about 7 percent of that this week.

All players on the roster, including those who are inactive for the game and those on injured reserve, get paid the same amount. Practice squad players don't get this amount but continue to receive their practice squad pay, which had a minimum of $7,200 per week this season.

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