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Why Doug Marrone's wife is worried about the Jaguars facing Tyrod Taylor

A question that gets asked almost every week of the coach of the Bills' opponent is, how do you defend Tyrod Taylor, a quarterback who can scramble and extend plays?

When the question was asked this week of Jaguars coach Doug Marrone, he gave a more colorful answer than he is usually known for and started by sharing a conversation he had with his wife the previous night.

“You know what is so funny about that? Last night my wife called me and asked me the same question," he said Wednesday. "I am telling the truth. She was like, ‘Listen, this guy is dangerous.’ I was like, ‘Yup, mhmm.’ I said, ‘You have to realize when you are rushing a quarterback, there are guys blocking and pushing those guys away, too.’ It is difficult to do that.

"In my opinion, a lot of people don’t give Tyrod Taylor enough credit. He has done a very good job with the football. He throws an outstanding deep ball. He is very good with his intermediate routes of throwing the ball. Because he is such a great athlete and because he can escape, a lot of things that are written are about those aspects of him, which are unique and rare. We understand that. We are not losing sight of how good he has been with the football and how well he has thrown the football. They have some players that can make those plays on 50-50 catches across the field and be able to go vertical.”

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