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Letter: Watson was way off base in column about the Bills

Watson was way off base in column about the Bills

Rod Watson’s column regarding the Bills ending their playoff drought being celebrated by us “delusional souls” is way off base and self-centered. He says he is sick of hearing about it (for five days now) and that there are more important things happening in the real world that we should be more focused on.

He names President Trump and “rocket man” threatening to blow up the planet, civil rights, taxes, schools and others to just name a few. Really? Are you kidding me? All we’ve been hearing about over and over again for the past year are all the things he mentions. Well, we’re sick of it! Having our Bills end their playoff drought is a welcome piece of news that’s fresh, new and very welcome by most of Western New York. If the hype has gotten onto your last nerve, as you say, too bad. Maybe you should go away, instead of suggesting the Bills go away.

Thomas Destino


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