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Letter: Russert is sorely missed in political news reporting

Russert is sorely missed in political news reporting

Where is Buffalo’s Tim Russert when you need him? As a former political junkie, I remember tuning into his version of “Meet the Press.” I could never read his personal political beliefs no matter who the guest was or what the subject entailed. He was taken way too soon and I miss his nonpartisanship and shameless Buffalo boosting tremendously.

I have pretty much given up on the major news network’s Sunday morning programs now as the bias from all of them comes through loud and clear for me. Whether it’s the slant attached to the news item or, more importantly, the political news stories that are omitted due to a biased point of view, it has become a total turnoff to me. I am surprised at how strident people have become regarding their political views.

I grew up talking politics in my household as my father was a union steward with strong political beliefs. While he was mostly pro-union, he consistently said, “always vote for the man and not the party.” This is what formed my personal centrist political beliefs. I rarely engage in political discussions anymore because I get attacked from both sides, depending on the political issue, with the facts often being ignored. So as the new year begins I’ll be avoiding political discussions for the most part and lamenting the passing of both my dad and Russert.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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