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Letter: People must know extent of Russian interference

People must know extent of Russian interference

During the Watergate investigation, President Richard Nixon stated, “People have got to know whether their president is a crook.” He then declared, “Well, I am not a crook.” That, of course, was a lie.

Now, in 2018, we again have as president another paragon of virtue under investigation. However, the issue today is not whether the president is a crook. We already know President Trump is a crook, as evidenced by the hundreds of lawsuits that arose out of his pattern and practice of not paying his contractors and also the infamous Trump University, which, according to State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, was “a straight up fraud … a fraud from beginning to end.”

No, the issue for the American people is whether this president, who has only praise and admiration for that murderous autocrat Vladimir Putin, and who has done everything in his power to besmirch the integrity of the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department in order to derail the investigation into the undisputed Russian interference in our election, is not just a crook, but possibly an outright traitor. To paraphrase Nixon, the people have got to know.

Richard W. Kirisits


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