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Letter: McCain is man of honor, not a ‘dud’ Republican

McCain is man of honor, not a ‘dud’ Republican

I must call out the letter writer from Dec. 27, “Dud Republicans must get into lockstep with leaders.” John McCain, a “dud” as he was referred to, is a man of honor, serving his country during the Vietnam War, during which time he became a prisoner of the North Vietnamese. Oh, I forgot, the person in the Oval Office likes “people who weren’t captured.” I admire his sense of placing the people over his party!

As for fake news, perhaps we should have state-run media instead (see Joseph Goebbels, Germany, 1939). To be in “lockstep,” as the writer suggests, “unyielding, unwavering, unquestioning” of our government, makes me think “goose-step” is a better word. As I read the letter, I thought I heard faintly in the distance a chorus of Sieg Heil, Seig Heil.

James M. Haas


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