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Letter: Don’t begrudge Bills fans a long-awaited celebration

Don’t begrudge Bills fans a long-awaited celebration

Rod Watson’s column in The News on Thursday, which had the audacity to tell people to get a life, was abominable. Finally, after 18 years, Buffalo fans have something to cheer about and this guy tells us to get a life because he is sick of hearing about the playoff picture.

I hope he is not from Buffalo originally because if so he does not have a clue to who Buffalonians are – middle-class, hard-working people who deserve something to cheer about. Watson, I am sure, does not know about the 12th man on the team that Eric Wood and Kyle Williams spoke about. These fans love their Bills and are connected in many ways – sad when we lose, happy when we win.

Watson’s psychological blabber about optimism and gloom should stay right where it is in San Francisco with Samantha Smithstein. My assumption is that Watson either has never waited for anything that meant something to him or he has no clue to what sports is all about. Why not have superfandom be the most important thing in town for a week or more? Why not push aside for awhile the antics of President Trump, “rocket man,” tax bills, etc.

I feel very sorry for Watson; obviously he must have no place to go for Sunday football games. Maybe he can find a good book on Sunday about the real world. Of course this is my opinion, but I have a feeling I am in the majority.

Ray Spasiano


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