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Letter: Color-coded scrubs could help patients

Color-coded scrubs could help patients

Several years ago, while on vacation, my husband had to stay in Detroit’s Oakwood Hospital. All the members of the care teams wore color-coded scrubs and we were given a guide to the colors. It was very helpful to the patients, the families and the workers.

When I went to the nursing station with a question, I knew the nurses were in navy blue and the secretaries were in black. Nursing assistants and aides wore green. Environmental workers wore gray. When my husband left his phone on the lunch tray, I didn’t have to bother the nurses; I could ask the food workers in the black and white scrubs. When a person in teal blue came to the room, we knew that was a transport person and did not ask nursing or food questions. Cardiology team members wore fuchsia.

As a result of this system, we immediately knew the job of the person entering the room. Not only was it comforting, but the flow of information was aided, questions were resolved by the person with primary information and less time was wasted by all.

Perhaps the nurses at Children’s Hospital could keep their patterned scrubs, but have all the other staff in solids that are color-coded.

Michele Huerta


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