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How iced over is Lake Erie today? Only about 17 percent

You can't tell from Buffalo's shoreline, but there's a lot of open water on Lake Erie to the west.

Satellite images from Monday showed that more than 80 percent of the lake is now open water, with the rest still iced over.

Just more than a week ago, those statistics were flipped with ice coverage dominating the lake's surface.

Satellite images show most of the ice concentration is located on the southeastern quadrant of Lake Erie, between Erie, Pa. and Buffalo.

The bulk of the ice on Lake Erie remained in the southeastern portion of the lake between Erie, Pa. and Buffalo. (NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory)

On average, data shows about 55 percent of the lake is usually frozen on March 5.Last year, there was no ice on Lake Erie.

And, in the warm winter of 2015-16, there was about 3 percent ice on the lake on March 5.

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