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What He Said: Doug Marrone on facing Bills, McCoy, Taylor and weather

(On what Buffalo has done well recently) “They are a good football team. They are physical on both sides of the ball. I think they have done a great job, like we have over the course of the year, with turnovers. They have created a lot of turnovers. They have obviously done a good job in their coverage units, special team-wise, and they are dangerous on offense. They can make plays. They have good guys on the perimeter. They have a premier tight end in [Charles] Clay. Obviously with [LeSean] McCoy as the runner or [Mike] Tolbert, they have a really good running game and the quarterback is dangerous. He has done a lot of things that have given us problems when plays get extended or quarterbacks run and things of that nature. It has been a challenge for us. There are a lot of challenges for us coming off of this game.”

(On Blake Bortles having patience in his efforts to make big plays down the field against the Bills) “It is one of those things like we always talk about not being able to turn the ball over. When we haven’t turned the ball over, we have been able to play well. Field position is a big battle within the game. I think you have to go out there and like I told the players, ‘know what you are doing, clean communication and do our job. Make sure you can execute well.’ That is what happens at this time of the year.”

(On if the team will prepare as if McCoy will be playing) “We prepare like he is playing.”

(On if that is the best way to prepare and if they will spend extra time looking at Tolbert) “He plays too. All the guys that play, obviously same for us, they are looking at all the guys that play for us and we are looking at all the guys that play for them. You have to be ready for their best and prepare for it.”

(On the challenges that McCoy presents) “He is a guy that can change field, can break tackles, take it to the house. He is excellent coming out of the backfield receiving. He is a Pro Bowl running back. He has all the ingredients that make him very, very dangerous on the field.”

(On how the team handles a quarterback who can scramble and extend plays) “You know what is so funny about that? Last night my wife called me and asked me the same question. I am telling the truth. She was like, ‘Listen, this guy is dangerous.’ I was like, ‘Yup, mhmm.’ I said, ‘You have to realize when you are rushing a quarterback, there are guys blocking and pushing those guys away, too.’ It is difficult to do that. In my opinion, a lot of people don’t give Tyrod Taylor enough credit. He has done a very good job with the football. He throws an outstanding deep ball. He is very good with his intermediate routes of throwing the ball. Because he is such a great athlete and because he can escape, a lot of things that are written are about those aspects of him, which are unique and rare. We understand that. We are not losing sight of how good he has been with the football and how well he has thrown the football. They have some players that can make those plays on 50-50 catches across the field and be able to go vertical.”

(On how Kelvin Benjamin helps the Bills offense) “He is another player, when you look at it, he is a wide receiver with rare size. He has very good speed. He has rare size. He can break tackles. He can body up people and he is outstanding when a ball is up for a 50-50 catch, because of the rare size, he has an advantage there. It will be a challenge again when those balls are up in the air going to him.”

(On his comfort level in Josh Lambo’s kicking range as the weather gets colder) “I feel comfortable with him. I really do. I think that pregame-wise, we have a good feel of who he is, which is important. In other words, we know where his range is. We know what we feel when we get on the field. Everything has been accurate as far as we feel good about this distance. We feel this is a must. We feel very confident in that.”

(On if the range changes at all with Lambo) “It does. Week to week it does. More so for the away games. Does that make sense? Obviously, we play here, so we know the wind and we understand the directions and all the stuff like that. We are monitoring that during the week. We always have a good feel for that going into the game. Then it is just a matter of how that player is performing on that day when he goes out and kicks before. I think when we go on the road, we have a good indication of what is going to happen, but we become more solidified the day of the game with the directions are and distance.”

(On how Yannick Ngakoue has grown as a leader this year) “He has always done a very good job of his work ethic and what he does. A lot of it is by example. He is a very emotional player. I think people can feed off of that. He has had a very good year. He is still the same. He is still the same type of guy that plays with a chip on his shoulder. I think we all know that when we see him. He plays extremely hard. He goes 100 miles per hour every single play.”

(On Telvin Smith’s performance since he has returned from injury) “He has played well. He has played well.”

(On if he thinks Bortles’ confidence is still high) “Yeah, I do. A lot of it will be during the week. I will have a better feel for what we are doing. If something doesn’t look right or doesn’t feel right, then we will just take that out.”

(On how athletes can focus on the present and not the future when their future could be uncertain) “I don’t think all athletes can do that. It is preached constantly. From a standpoint of, we as coaches – we have to do that too. We have to brush some things off and move on, whether it is good or bad. That is the one thing that I have always learned before. I said this in the beginning when we were going: win, lose, win, lose. You can’t get too high. You can’t get too low. You have to go ahead and prepare and get ready for the next week and try to avoid all the noise. All the stuff on the outside – questions are going to be asked, things are going to be pointed out. At the end of the day, they are factual. They are facts. At the end of the day, it comes down to making sure your performance on Sunday. What do you have to perform on that day? That is what is going to define you for the following week. If you don’t do well and you have another game the next week, you are going to be questioned. ‘What happened? Why did you do this?’ Those are all natural things. As a person in that position, you have to accept the responsibility that those things are going to happen and learn from those mistakes. Don’t get too over confident if you are doing well and go out and prepare the same way. That is probably the best way to do it.”

(On if having Allen Hurns back brings composure to receiving room) “Allen, he’s played a lot of football and he’s been very productive in this league. I still think that he’ll be better this week than he was last week and that’s obviously exciting for us to get him back.”

(On if Hurns being back on the field provides calming presence to other receivers in the game) “You would think it would. Yeah, you would think so. You know he’s out there and you know exactly what you’re going to get with someone you worked with for a quite of bit of time over the years. Allen has been here, Blake has been here. So I think that it does add a confidence to it, but then it still comes back to making sure he can perform and do that. Obviously we’re happy to get him back and I think it’s more important we look at just the Sunday in a performance manner with the questions, but I think a lot of that comes during the week, too, of him being out on the field, him working during the week. That confidence, and then the other guys he’s talking to them about, ‘hey, let’s make sure we prepare this,’ and that’s how the leadership comes in.”

(On if he’s tired of guys coming out and ripping his quarterback) “I really don’t care. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

(On how Bortles handles those comments exceptionally well by brushing them off) “Yeah, he’s used to it. It’s been happening quite a bit. If he doesn’t, then how’s he ever going to be the player he wants to be, if he starts listening to that stuff. Hopefully, I don’t know how he handles it, honestly. I know for me, I don’t listen to any of that stuff. We’re on to the next opponent.”

(On how nice is it to have the indoor facility as an option especially this week) “Well I know this, I know the equipment guys and the medical staff and the weight coaches are fired up about the indoor. Actually, I went in there and busted their chops this morning about it and was like, ‘hey, pretty good having an indoor facility, right now, right?’ It definitely helps and it helps from the standpoint of we know what type of practice we’re going to get. We’re going to get a good practice today and we don’t have to worry about any of the elements like the rain or those things. We understand that. We know the weather or at least predict what it’s going to be on Sunday, so we’re aware of that and if it was a game where we thought there was going to be rain then we might practice some outside a little bit and then come back in. One thing about the indoor is you can kind of do both. You can get outside and get some work done, but you don’t have to be out there the whole time and you can come back in.”

(On how much Jalen Ramsey has improved over the last two seasons) “I think he’s been—I’ve never had a problem with the way he’s—I really didn’t know him last year so I can’t say that. Obviously I watched tape, but I think he’s someone that takes a lot of pride in what he does. I think that he’s an ultimate competitor, I think that he probably works a lot harder at studying the film than most people think, as far as the receivers and the people that he goes against. And I know every week, usually I come up to him and say, ‘tell me about the guy you’re playing against,’ and he can rattle stuff off, exactly what he’s looking for and keys and tips and things of that nature. Even though, I say this about Jalen quite a bit and I get a lot of questions about him from people in the industry, what you’re able to see, that’s the one thing you’re able to see, the rare height, weight, speed, things of that nature, the ball skills. But what people don’t necessarily see is how hard that player works on the tape, in practice, how competitive he is in practice. He doesn’t want a ball completed on him in practice and he’s been like that the whole time. I think that when you talk about players, A.J. Bouye is the same way, [Aaron] Colvin is the same way. I think when you see people that are productive in this industry, I would say 99 percent of that goes back to all the things you are not able to see.”

(On what questions he gets within the industry about Ramsey) “Ability is never going to be the question because you can see that on the field. It’s like, ‘Is he just a natural talent or does he work at it?’ He has both and that’s why he can be an elite player.”

(On Eric Wood saying on the radio that him leaving Buffalo caught him off guard and they are in a better situation now) “I’m happy for them. I’m happy he feels that way. I really am. I have no issues with that.”

(On how people are still wondering what happened with that situation) “It was a long time ago, but I’m happy for that fan base, I’m happy for where they are. They’ve earned their spot, but more importantly, my concentration is on our team and our fan base. We’ve earned it, too, and we’ve been out of it for a long time. I don’t go back to the past, but like I said before, I’m happy for them, I’m glad they’re in a good place. I’m in a great place. Feeling great about where I am. I’m comfortable with it.”

(On if he’s disappointed he didn’t give Kyle Williams a hand off) “Well, we always knew we could, though. One thing you don’t wonder about Kyle Williams, just so you know, his handicap in golf, he’s probably the best golfer—he will be the best amateur golfer in Florida on Sunday.”

(On Williams’ athleticism) “Unbelievable athlete. Unbelievable golfer. He’s phenomenal.”

(On what Williams was like to coach) “Great. Awesome guy. Great player. A lot of those players, not many of them are there like we said before, but all the guys that were there were outstanding.”

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