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State seeks help locating bear dens

Wildlife biologists with the Department of Environmental Conservation are looking for a little help from their outdoor friends. If you know where a black bear den is located, they would like to know about it. You may have stumbled across one while on a hunt or hike in some unassuming rock crevice, tree cavity or in heavy brush. If you did locate a den, contact DEC at 372-0645 or 851-7010.

Once located, the bears may be outfitted with radio collars so that biologists can monitor them and track their movements throughout the year. DEC would also be able to locate and monitor future dens for determining cub production, condition and survival.

Females generally give birth in January or early February. Dens can sometimes be identified through the high-pitched squeals of cubs. If you do hear this, don’t approach or disturb the den. Simply mark the location and report it to DEC as soon as possible.

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