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'Pitch Perfect 3' hits most of the right notes

"Pitch Perfect 3" opens on a yacht, where the newly reunited a capella group the Bellas are performing "Toxic" by Britney Spears.

In the middle of their performance, Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, breaks through the glass ceiling with a fire extinguisher and the Bellas jump into the water just in time as the yacht explodes behind them.

Rewind three weeks and we meet up with the Bellas to see what has become of them since graduation.

Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, has just quit her job and goes home to tell her roommate, Fat Amy, who is also without a job.

Emily, played by Hailee Steinfeld, invites the Bellas who have graduated to watch the current Bellas perform.

After seeing the young Bellas’ bright and shiny performance, the girls confess they would do anything to be able to sing together again.

Aubrey, played by Anna Camp, gets the Bellas an invitation to perform in the USO tour for the military.

Intimidated by the other singing groups, who perform with instruments, the Bellas fight to stay on top by performing hit songs with energetic choreography.

In the last installment of the "Pitch Perfect" trilogy, new characters, such as Chicago, Theo and Fat Amy’s father, Fergus Hobart, are introduced, while certain old characters, such as Benji, Jessie and Bumber are vaguely mentioned and never shown.

While the storylines of the old characters are lacking the storyline of Fat Amy and her father, played by John Lithgow, flourishes. Through flashbacks, body language and conversation, we learn about the troubled relationship between Fat Amy and her father. Their relationship take many twists and turns that add to the excitement of the film.

Contrary to what most critics say, the "unique" storyline is what makes this installment of "Pitch Perfect" one of the best.

It is without a doubt a ca-awesome.

Samantha Simpson is a junior at Cardinal O’Hara High School.


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