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Letter: UB should focus on cutting number of cars on campus

UB should focus on cutting number of cars on campus

The University at Buffalo talks a good game with the “smoke free” policy, but if it wants a real public health effect, it’ll need to address the No. 1 source of carbon monoxide on campus: auto tailpipes. It’s well known that a human locked in a garage with an idling car will die within hours, but tobacco smoke takes years!

UB must learn some lessons from its ineffective tobacco ban – an auto ban will only succeed with widespread notification and strict financial penalties. Oddly, the existing financial penalties fall exclusively on non-motorists. While each driver enjoys thousands of dollars in subsidized parking, Metro riders and bicyclists get nothing.

We’ll know UB is serious about clean air when it fixes the incentives and adopts mandatory counseling to let everyone know tailpipes aren’t welcome.

Christopher Nicolai


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