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Letters: State has not done well under Democratic control

State has not done well under Democratic control

I read with interest on how President Trump and the Republicans are going to destroy the middle class. I would like to point out how the state of New York is doing under Democrat control for the last 20 years.

Let’s see, we have some of the country’s highest property taxes, we rank in the top 10 for state income tax … do I even need to talk about our school taxes, our state’s regulations or comp cost? Liabilities and taxes are driving out business; this in turn makes it next to impossible to start a small business.

Then we have Governor Cuomo’s warehouse that cost taxpayers $950 million to build, and about 60 or 70 people are working in that facility. Does anyone really believe that’s actually going to be successful? If so I have a bridge to sell. If you want business to come, you need a business-friendly environment, and that means lower taxes and reasonable regulations. I will say this about New York, if you’re dependent on the government for housing, food and medical there’s no better place to be.

Rick Fisher

East Aurora

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