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Letters: Sexual predators in Congress should be made to resign

Sexual predators in Congress should be made to resign

God help us! The feckless, gutless, hypocritical Republicans have just passed the most immoral tax cut in American history, effectively robbing money from the middle and poor classes and giving it to billionaires, millionaires and corporations (who are people now says The Supreme Court), plus cutting millions from Obamacare and cutting CHIP, the Health Program for children. Do the American people understand this?

Possibly more immoral, considering the attention finally being acknowledged of the widespread sexual assault upon many helpless women, many in government service, is the prehistoric and premeditated insulation from any punishment for congressmen who have been sexual predators – the secret “shut up” money paid to these victims – using taxpayer money! With no repercussions for our leaders and no help for the victims!

These congressmen should be identified and be made to resign immediately with no pension. But worst of all, considering the “atmosphere” surrounding the “#MeToo” crisis – Donald Trump, our president, has shown himself through the “Hollywood Access” tape and the multiple credible accusations of sexual misbehavior by numerous women – to be another serial predator!

He should be removed from his office immediately to face the consequences of his crude and unacceptable behavior. Do you think our wonderful Republican leaders, who are always speaking for “the American people,” will ever confront the president over this situation? I’ll let you guess the answer.

Larry Gustina


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