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Letters: Rep. Collins has thrown constituents under bus

Rep. Collins has thrown constituents under bus

Chris Collins, we both know that this whole tax scam is a payoff to the wealthy Republicans who bankroll you. They let you know that if this monstrosity doesn’t go through, forget about getting any more money from them.

Well it looks like you will be getting your way.

A very rich New Yorker once said, “Only the little people pay taxes.” You have just thrown a lot of your middle-class constituents under the bus.

You got a bill passed that helped a fledgling company you are backing, and tipped off a few friends who could make a quick killing buying, and then selling, before the stock tanked.

Right now large corporations are taxed at 35 percent; in reality, they are paying 20 percent. With the new tax bill they will be taxed at 21 percent. In reality, how much will they be paying then?

You are backing a man who is not fit to lead this country. You seem to be just another politician lining his own pockets.

Sir, have you no shame?

Philip Baker


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