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Letters: Quest for money weakens country’s moral compass

Quest for money weakens country’s moral compass

I suspect that I may be one of the few who sees a weakening of our moral compass and true patriotism in this country. Maybe it is just part of the natural aging process to question where this train fell off the tracks.

As I was coming of age, many social institutions that were the building blocks of our collective American philosophy brought together Americans with shared interests regardless of party affiliations. These organizations seem to hold little value in today’s world. People are fulfilling their need for socialization by selecting filtered information on social media that meets their preconceived doctrine. Verified factual news is being discredited by leadership that values money over morality. We elect representatives to present our ideas on the national stage only to see them land in Washington and lockstep with their party for a few gold coins and disregard the values they promised to endorse. Here in our area we have one elected leader who has admitted that he will vote in Washington only to keep his donors happy rather than most of his constituents.

If President Trump and his puppet show would take the time to read the book “Team of Rivals,” written by Doris Kearns Goodwin, they might see how President Lincoln’s group of diverse leaders brought a divided nation together. This would go a long way toward putting our nation back on track. Is true patriotism just about flags or is it about a collective morality that binds us together?

Joseph Meyers

Clarence Center

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