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Letters: Liberals’ angst over Trump is difficult to understand

Liberals’ angst over Trump is difficult to understand

It becomes amusing to the point of magic to read some of the angst on display in The News. How some of these columnists ever get through a day without a stiff drink or other illegal substance is confusing.

It seems that liberals have some problems with personal freedom. Everywhere these people are extolling the supposed benefits of big government in the lives of people everywhere from often pointless regulations to high taxes and supporting those political figures who will continue those government regulations that liberals continue to insist are there for our own good. Of those columnists I will demand just one thing: please prove your point with solid facts.

Liberals seem to hate freedom and liberty for all. For an example, walk into any major automotive retailer and look at the merchandise that lines the shelves, from windshield wipers, audio, seat covers, tools and most parts. The whopping majority of them come from Mexico, China or Canada. Does anything except chemicals come from the United States anymore?

The anti-Trump angst is beyond tangible. He’s going down as the first president who is hated for doing what he promised, to make taxes easier, kill government regulations that hurt businesses and bring jobs and investment back to America. If that’s a bad thing, it’s very weird.

Michael Vaughn


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