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Letters: Congress has its own list of ‘accomplishments’

Congress has its own list of ‘accomplishments’

In November, a letter appeared in this forum offering my version of the five worst things President Trump has done since taking office. My list was a spinoff from an article published by the Washington Post. I continue this focus by offering a list of the Republican Congress’ worst things, recognizing that the president’s offensive performance would not exist without their complicity. My list, in reverse order:

5. The effective elimination of Democrats from the legislative process, thereby guaranteeing divisiveness and undermining democracy.

4. The continued absence of meaningful leadership in mitigating mass shootings despite the recent deadliest massacres in U.S. history.

3. The generation of widely unpopular health care reform bills that were condemned by nearly all health care experts, and shown to eliminate millions of Americans from insurance coverage.

2. The generation of tax reform legislation, loaded with accounting gimmicks and dubious cost estimates, that delivers massive financial gains to corporations and the ultra-rich (most noteworthy being Trump and wealthy Congressmen), explodes the national debt, and puts Medicare and Social Security cuts in play; largely at the expense of the middle and working classes.

And topping the list ...

1. The utter failure to exercise their Constitutional responsibility to control an authoritarian and dangerous president.

Thomas Golaszewski

East Amherst

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