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Letters: Buffalo should address outrageous parking fees

Buffalo should address outrageous parking fees

My niece was attending “The Lion King” show at Shea’s on Dec. 27 with her two little girls. She parked her car in the city lot behind Shea’s only to find that the fee was $40. There was a long line of angry patrons to pay this outrageous fee.

My niece had only one $20 bill and two $100 bills, so she was unable to pay at this point. Upon returning after the show, her car was blocked with a boot and a note with a phone number. She called and it took 20 minutes before a man showed up. Since he had no change, he sent her to the nearest bar two blocks away and she had to walk with her two little girls in the bitter cold at 11 degrees to get her bills exchanged.

Upon return she had to wait another 30 minutes for the man to come back and she had to pay $150 before the man released her car. This is called adding insult to injury and the amount is outrageous.

Erhard H. Zieger


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