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Letters: Buffalo Municipal Housing woes traced to lack of experience

Buffalo Municipal Housing woes traced to lack of experience

This latest problem at two complexes managed by Buffalo Municipal Housing is another example of the lack of experienced management and the continued reduction in staff that affects the residents.

BMHA would have everyone believe that this is a cause of deteriorated infrastructure. On the contrary, both Kenfield and Perry have undergone recent upgrades in the electrical and heating systems. Millions have been spent on these improvements. In fact until recently Perry was heating empty apartments for years until an article by the Buffalo News exposed the problem.

This war on the poor includes the biggest landlord in the city, BMHA. They receive a yearly subsidy from HUD to provide housing for the poor and have miserably failed. Turning valuable property to private developers.

I know that some residents believe poor people shouldn’t live in the city now populated by more affluent society. Public Housing has been in Buffalo since 1934, you would think by now they could get it right. The welcome sign for poor people has been removed. All intention for inclusionary housing will not happen.

Joe Mascia

Former BMHA Commissioner


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