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Letters: Accountability is corrupted in political arrogance

Accountability is corrupted in political arrogance

We spend hundreds of hours watching TV football and other sports, scrutinizing each play with help from commentators, with teams of referees and loads of technology to catch replays from every angle, and 500 pages of provisions to ensure rules are followed. Penalties are immediate. No one seriously suggests terminating the game.

Yet we are virtually powerless to prevent our Congress from effecting multibillion-dollar chaos in the lives of millions of Americans, doing so based on a 500-page document few have read and even fewer understand, with differing versions unreconciled, and essentially without public scrutiny or verifiable analysis. Penalties are elective and may take years. Threats of closing down government are subject to spite.

The former represents the world of competitive sports with public accountability, while the latter reflects the world of political arrogance, in which accountability is corrupted, delayed and incredibly costly.

In sports, we are indebted for entertainment. In Congress, we are just hugely indebted.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Bowen


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