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Letter: New Yorkers clearly chose Clinton over Trump in 2016

New Yorkers clearly chose Clinton over Trump in 2016

I just read an opinion that deserves a reply. It called the opinion writers in this column less than intelligent and then challenged whether people have positive proof if Roy Moore of Alabama was a sexual assaulter. Also, the writer claims that we in the state of New York want what President Trump and the Republicans are spewing.

First, sir, insulting people for their opinions is not in line with our First Amendment. You are not the arbiter of intellect for anyone who puts forth an opinion here. You do have the right to your opinion, but not your own facts.

About 1 million more people in New York voted for Hillary Clinton; we New Yorkers know that Trump is a lying, cheating, felonious con man. He has ripped off many people and lost a lot of his famous lawsuits by virtue of the fact that he is a racist blowhard who brags and blusters about everything. Quite pathetic, actually, except that real people will die because he is so incompetent.

Also, on what planet would our state agree to destroying the environment we have been working on for years since Lake Erie was declared a dead body of water? Not to mention federal mandates that pull $48 billion of our tax dollars out of the state. Why would we be thrilled that Reps. Chris Collins and Tom Reed, those gerrymandered traitors to New York, lost us our state tax deductions?

Finally, Moore was accused by nine women, the accusations were verified by 60 more people and he was banned from the local mall for stalking behavior, so we have a real good picture of a man who used his office to assault children. Really not hard to believe it.

I will say, though, it is pretty hard to believe the tripe of safety and Trump considering the damage he has done to our relationships with our allies and the genuflecting he does to dictators. Not to mention the lying Republicans, who howl about fetuses but when it comes to actual humans they decide to take insurance away from 13 million people. Rep. Paul Ryan is already rubbing his hands with glee about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Teresa Lukasik


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