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Bills' return from the Marcell Dareus trade is now Jaguars' fifth-round pick

The Marcell Dareus trade got a little more favorable for the Buffalo Bills this week.

The team sent its highly paid defensive tackle to the Jaguars in late October for a conditional sixth-round pick. But now that the Jaguars are in the playoffs and Dareus remains on their roster, the pick becomes a fifth-rounder. The Bills confirmed that change this week.

Dareus will have a shot at his former team in their wild-card game at 1 p.m. Sunday. His face reportedly lit up when he learned he'd be facing the Bills – "Get the [expletive] out of here! I am so excited!" he was quoted as saying.

The fifth-round pick adds to the Bills' haul in the 2018 draft. They own two first-round picks and two second-round picks. They also owned two third-rounders before trading one to the Panthers in the Kelvin Benjamin trade.

Did the Marcell Dareus trade magically fix Jaguars' run defense and ruin the Bills?

Former Bills coach Rex Ryan gave high praise to the Dareus trade in an interview with The News last week:

“The unloading of Marcell Dareus I thought, was brilliant," Ryan said. “And they're facing criticism about it. But at the end of the day, people that are around it know that wasn't a good move, that was a phenomenal move. You unload that salary cap hit and that puts them in a better position to build in the future with guys that have the temperament that you're looking for. Sean McDermott, he wants guys in his image and what he sees as a player. The great thing is the organization's allowing him to do it, and to make a decision like that.”

It’s clear Ryan doesn’t think the Bills lost much by dealing Dareus to the Jaguars for a draft pick.

“Look, he's a decent player, but no more than that,” he said. “He's OK, but not at the money the Bills spent. Not even close. So it was a brilliant move to unload that.”

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