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Mayor takes oath for 4th term in glow of Bills' playoff hopes

A supportive crowd was on hand at the Hotel Lafayette Sunday night to see Mayor Byron W. Brown sworn in for a fourth term, but even the mayor realized that his audience might have something else on their minds while witnessing the ceremony.

For one thing, the mayor opted to have his ceremony on New Year's Eve as part of an inaugural ball and holiday celebration. So, after thanking his family and a few other special guests, Brown made mention of his hopes for the city in the coming years and then urged the gathering to enjoy their celebration and, in a reference to events recently concluded in Miami and Baltimore, said, "I want us to party like it's 1999!"

The Buffalo Bills playoff reference drew the biggest cheer of the speech. And the mayor followed up on the celebration Monday, by having the dome of Buffalo City Hall illuminated in red, white and blue in honor of the end of the team's 17-year playoff drought.


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