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What They Said: Bills players react to playoffs: 'Andy Dalton, I love you man'

Here are some of the reactions from Bills players after they learned they were going to the playoffs:

Tyrod Taylor

(Can you describe the scene in here while you were waiting for what you needed to happen
happen?) – “I don’t know the words to describe it to be honest. I was actually watching it in the back
room with Shady and the TV was probably two seconds late so I had to move to the front room and
actually see the game live. The guys are excited. This is definitely a goal of ours but it doesn’t stop
here. We’re excited to be in this position. We have a great opportunity in front of us and we came out
and took advantage of the opportunity that was in front of us. I don’t really have all the words right
now but I’m just excited for the team. To see them come out and battle for what was at stake today. It
was a crazy game today, a bunch of ups and downs, but we were able to pull it out and ultimately
send us off into the playoffs.”

(How nerve racking was the second half? They stopped showing the score of the other game you
guys were wondering what was going on.) – “I honestly didn’t even look at the score, I didn’t find
out the score until James told me after the game and at that time it was 27-24 I want to say, a little
over two minutes left. But that was the first update I had. I was focused on the game; I think everyone
was focused on the game because of the way it turned out. We couldn’t look ahead. We had to make
sure we closed out on the winning side for us to be able to have that opportunity.”

Lorenzo Alexander

(They just couldn’t make it easy, right?) – “Definitely it’s been that kind of year, a lot of up and
downs. And that’s how the game works. We were up by a lot and it comes down and they get an
onside kick now somebody else dropped an onside kick too so they can talk about that. It’s just how
our season has been: up and down to go out there and get a win and then for us to get in the playoffs
now, you never know what’s going to happen.”

(Alright so all good today but I’ve got to ask you; so you thought you had the touchdown, then
they reviewed it and then you’re celebrating so what happened?) – “I knew he was down so I just
ran so I can show people I can run, then I got to the end zone and then they reviewed it and said it
stands so I said oh shoot, stands, that means I got a touchdown but then I guess I didn’t listen to the
announcer after I heard stands.I was dancing.”

(You can just say that dance was for making that playoffs, right?) – “Oh yeah, definitely. They can
show that dance, make a gif or whatever they make out of them and have fun with it.”

Charles Clay

(Talk about the rollercoaster of emotions tonight. Weren’t sure you were going to make the
playoffs and now you’re going.) – “It was pretty crazy. The biggest thing for us was obviously getting
the win today. But then to come in and kind of see the game, kind of how it was going and for it to
come down to the end like that, it was crazy. It was definitely a good feeling for them to come out with
a win and for us to go to the playoffs for the first time in a long time. So that was big.”

(Talk about the game tonight. Bills pretty much controlled it most of the way.) – “It was big. Guys
came out and fought. We knew … No, but it was big. Guys came … Guys came out and fought from
the beginning. We knew it would be a tough game. We knew we had to start fast and we did. They kind
of started coming back, so at that time, you kind of have to trust your training and guys did a good job
of fighting until the end. It’s a great feeling, man.”

(So what do you have to do to get ready for next week?) – “Go back to work. You can celebrate this
one for a little while, but we worked all off season to get to this point and definitely can’t just celebrate
getting here now. Everything starts over right now. So it’s the start of a new season, get back to work
and get ready.”

Micah Hyde

(On Bengals defeating Ravens allowing Bills to clinch playoff berth) – “Andy Dalton, you
heard it here first, I love you man, I love you.”

(What does it mean to get DT Kyle Williams into the postseason?) – “Everything. Look at
his face. This dude has his sons in here. I’m speechless. It’s amazing. I love Kyle,
everybody in here loves Kyle. What he brings to this football team is amazing. To see him
so happy that finally, he’s been here for 12 years and hasn’t been to the playoffs.”

Jordan Poyer

(The ball was coming right to you [on the game-sealing interception]. Was it almost one
of those ones where you’re like, ‘Oh boy, I’ve got to catch this one. I know it’s coming
right to me.’?) – “I’ve got good hands. I knew as soon as (Dolphins QB David Fales) released
it, it was going to be my football. No thinking about it, just catch the ball.”

(This secondary – yourself and S Micah Hyde in particular – have keyed this defense in a lot of
ways in terms of the takeaways. Again, today, you guys are able to do it defensively and your
takeaway leads to it) – “Yes, I just think that we work hard off the field, not just the secondary, it’s all 11 guys
on the football field. We worked hard all week. It’s a tough group of guys. It’s a great group of
guys. It’s a brotherhood. Crunch time you want to play for your brothers. Like I said, we’ve got
a great pass rush, the ball was in the air and I was able to make a play on it.”


(How did you guys watch the end [of the Ravens game]? What was the reaction as soon as it
happened?) – “It was very quiet and somber, it was very low key – No, everybody went crazy the boys
loved it, it’s just a great feeling.”

(What was it like though? A 47-yard touchdown, 4th down play, for you to watch that did it sink in
right away?) – “No, because I’m looking at the clock with 30 seconds left and 3 time out and
everybody is jumping up and down and I’m so optimistic, I was like I have to see this go double zeros,
I have to see this over with, so, like I said I’m kind of speechless, I’m excited, I’m just happy for all of
the Buffalo Bills fans, I’m excited for our team.”

(When this plane lands tonight there are probably going to be fans, reporters, people, have you
envisioned what that’s going to be like for you, Kyle?) – “You know what, I haven’t thought about
it. I’ve been a wreck for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes, so what’s a few more hours?”

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