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Reporters' Notebook: Dec. 29, 2017

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to comedian Paula Poundstone, born on this date in 1959, “The wages of sin are death, but by the time taxes are taken out, it’s just sort of a tired feeling.”

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RECONNECTING – Resolve to make the new year better with Retrouvaille Buffalo, a program that has been helping married couples rediscover their loving relationships since 1989. Retrouvaille will hold its next weekend retreat from Jan. 19 to Jan. 21. Preregistration is required. For confidential info and to register, call 474-9371 or visit

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PAYING FORWARD – The spirit of giving prevailed last week as the Judges and Police Executives Conference of Niagara County held its annual Christmas celebration in the Como Restaurant, 2220 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls. The law enforcement officials distributed $500 donations to 10 community groups.
They included the Niagara Falls Kiwanis Club, Care-n-Share Food Pantry of Ransomville, the Niagara SPCA, in memory of Buffalo Police Office Craig Lehner; the St. John’s Church of Niagara Falls “Giving Tree,” the North Tonawanda PBA and Firefighters Organization for its Christmas Youth Program, the David W. Kinney Memorial Fund for its Youth Progra, the Dale Association, the Sunrise Optimist Club of Lockport and the Lockport Lions Club.
Getting an extra boost was the Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive, which provides food to the needy, including sandwich makings. In addition to the monetary gift, it received jars of jelly and peanut butter brought to the party by members.
“Our group was really pleased to help out more this year than ever before,” says Niagara Falls City Court Judge-elect James J. Faso, president of the conference. “Through events we held during the year, we were able to increase our assistance to the organizations that help so many others in the community.”

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Nelson R. Locher of Hamburg is still writing poems, but limits on space keep us from sharing them in print. Here is the one he just submitted for the New Year:

A Look Ahead

Things are never as bad
as they appear.
If the snow piles up,
stay home and have a beer.
The future is unknown,
it’s almost never clear.
Be cautious of wildlife,
try not to hit a deer.
Listen to friends and family,
be willing to lend an ear.
Do not live your life
harboring in fear.
Be adventurous,
buy some outdoor gear.
Pay attention to people,
absorb what you hear.
January is approaching,
soon it will be near.
December is almost over,
then it’s pushed to the rear.
Don’t let trouble find you,
try to control where you steer.
So much tragedy during 2017,
it made us shed a tear.
Everyone enjoy the moment,
have a Happy New Year.

. . .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Debbie Magrum, Pete Simon, Erin Grajek, Barbara D. Hall, Grace L. Werts, Amy Cunningham, Judith M. Powell, Jan Schaller, Jill Reese, Jeanne Wrazen, Karen Phillips, Tracey Tumiel, Scott Allen Kelley, Karley Felschow, Kimberly Boyle, John Fontanese, James Kostran, Dave Wannemacher, Aubrey Krieger, Karen Notaro Fenzl, Tyler Flynn, Mike Reilly and Retta Dlugosz.

AND SATURDAY – Frederick Kuhn, Dick Czarnecki, Dr. Kenneth D. Anthone, Brenda Black, Madeline Jane Fecio, Mary Moyle, Carol Castiglione, Joe Panek, Gene Drebot, Joanne Chittenden, Charlie Safe, Carol Schaller, Ally Miklas, Carl Wodzinski, Declan Wiles, Virgil Mesmer, Michelle Lemiesz, Todd Skinner, Mike Rozyczko, Charlie Moore, Julie Bonner, Shaun Bohen, Helen Czerwinski, Robert Daniels, Roy Smalley, Georgette Higgins and Char Lonergan.

AND SUNDAY – Rene Robert, Keli-Koran F. Luchey, Diane Christian, Hailey Leonard, Darcy Young, Gerry “Doc J.” Wilson, Jerry Buczkowski, Gail Major, Julia Snyder, Kathleen Giles, Bruce Sweet, Joey Battaglia, Audrey Walkowiak, Amanda Skinner, Sandy Jordan, Ken Swanekamp, Shirley Sobon, Pamela LaBell, Sue Kopra Natali and Mildred Sultanik.

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*  -- The online edition of Reporters’ Notebook frequently contains items that are trimmed from the print edition, or appear there in shorter form, due to space limitations.

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