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Letters: Poor leadership hampers culture in area’s corrections system

Poor leadership hampers culture in area’s corrections system

Justice is now being carried out as the cellblock attendant who badly abused a restrained prisoner is mandated to jail for at least 15 months. To me this was maybe a little too merciful.

Hopefully this deplorable and sickening episode will send a message to all those with law enforcement careers. But wait – the Dec. 22 News article offers a compelling expose that the larger corrections system in our community bears plenty of responsibility. What are reasonable people to make of the video that shows two other officers right at hand, but doing nothing to intervene and even getting some amusement from a man being tormented.

And please, no more “bad apples” excuses from law enforcement administrators. We’ve been here before, and sure enough, just as anticipated, this bully tried to use his substance abuse problems as a deflection from consequences.

Once again we have a severe, but all too frequent example of poor leadership and supervision. The entire culture within our regions’ corrections’ needs very strong overhaul, including administrators being accountable.

David Casassa


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