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Letters: Every citizen deserves facts about Russian meddling charges

Every citizen deserves facts about Russian meddling charges

The recent letter stating that the current investigation by “Our Government” into Russian collusion and meddling (a mild word for alleged consciously directed interference) in the recent presidential election is baseless and should put up or shut down; misses the reasons that this is happening.

Every citizen of this country and the current elected representatives should want to get to the real facts of this matter, no matter which way the facts turn out.

I cannot say with any certainty that I have real facts in this matter at my fingertips, or at least enough to say that the investigation should stop or proceed.

I am content to await the time when real facts are presented at what would be the conclusion of this investigation, without the drumbeat of political interference, the court of uninformed public opinion, and the speculation and outrageous statements by pundits on both sides of the matter. Letting this thing and possible related actions go has real consequences to this republic no matter which political tribe you may align with.

If we look at past recent history, lies matter. Nixon’s involvement with North Vietnam prior to the election in ’68, Watergate and Iran Contra. I would say that this is an important matter for our republic, which is defined by upholding constitutional law.

I can and will wait, no matter what the conclusion of the investigation shows the real facts to be. This isn’t the Super Bowl with your team playing. This is our republic, our constitution, our country, and in this, we should all be on the same team!

Tom Druelinger

East Aurora

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