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The Bills could draft as high as 13th, or as low as 32nd entering Week 17

The Bills are still alive for the playoffs entering Week 17. But if they don't get in, one of the first things you'll think about is where they pick in the draft.

The Bills' 8-7 record currently plugs them with the 17th pick. There are three ways the season could end, and those scenarios could move the Bills as high as 13th, or (technically) as far back as 32nd.

Here are the scenarios, as well as an updated look at the draft standings, via the wonderful

Bills lose to Dolphins

The Bills will be eliminated from playoff contention with a loss. Finishing 8-8 could shoot them as high as 13th in the draft, if Arizona, Washington and Green Bay all lose and the Bills win the tiebreaker against them and any other 8-7 team that loses Sunday. Otherwise they'd draft in the mid-teens.

Ties for draft position are determined by strength of schedule (SOS), with the team that played the weakest schedule getting the higher draft pick in the first round. Arizona has played an easier schedule than the Bills so far (by the slimmest of margins, .488 vs. .492), but that could change.

Arizona faces Seattle (9-6) this week, Washington faces the New York Giants (2-13), and Green Bay faces Detroit (8-7).

Bills win but miss playoffs

The Bills could beat the Dolphins and still miss the playoffs if they don't get enough help from other teams. Finishing 9-7 and missing the postseason would put the Bills anywhere between 16th and 20th.

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Bills win and make playoffs

If the Bills qualify for the postseason, their draft selection will be determined by the round in which they are eliminated.

Teams that lose in the wild-card round will pick between 21st and 24th; divisional round losers pick between 25th and 28th; conference runner-ups pick 29th and 30th; and the Super Bowl teams get the last two picks.

What about the Chiefs' pick?

The Bills own the Chiefs' first-round pick from the draft-day trade that allowed Kansas City to select quarterback Patrick Mahomes. They Chiefs clinched the AFC West title last week, but they will finish fourth in the conference as the AFC's worst division winner and will play in the wild-card round (potentially against the Bills). Their draft slot will be determined by when they are knocked out of the playoffs.

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