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Letters: Wake up to Trump, America, before it’s too late

Wake up to Trump, America, before it’s too late

Donald Trump’s retweet of anti-Muslim videos has garnered much condemnation. His use of these false, racist conspiracy theories illustrate yet again the president’s lack of principles, morals, judgment, ethics and a “win at any cost mentality.” Speaking of morals, there are numerous sexual assault accusations against him for which he has yet to be held accountable.

This man is shameless and a disgrace to the office and the country. His juvenile name-calling is like the pot calling the kettle black. Trump is a pathological liar and an extreme narcissist, who even denies things he has said on tape. The constant effort to deny facts and reality, to undermine and degrade the free press, judiciary, FBI, environmental protections and other areas of the U.S. government is the clear signature of an autocrat who thinks he is above the law.

Republicans in Congress are generally spineless hypocrites, so enthralled with money and power that they endorse even sexual abusers to maintain control. Forget standing up to a bully and wannabe dictator! This enabling behavior and that of his rabid followers is a cancer on our democracy. Wake up America, before it’s too late.

Nancy Johnston


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