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Letters: Full investigation into election interference will take time

Full investigation into election interference will take time

I am writing in response to the well-articulated letter of Dec. 22, in which the writer refers to the Trump Russia investigation and suggests we “wrap this Russian thing up.” He argues that any meddling on Russia’s part was trivial, and in his opinion the investigation has gone on long enough.

May I remind those who follow political investigations that Hillary Clinton’s role as secretary of state during the 2012 Benghazi attacks was investigated in a series of multiple congressional inquiries over a period of three years.

During one hearing, Clinton answered questions over an eight-hour period. The final congressional investigation, led by a Republican-controlled House, culminated in 2016 with an 800-page report that failed to find professional misconduct or dereliction of duty on Clinton’s part.

I would also like to remind readers that this year we lost another four Americans in an attack in Niger. Our soldiers were woefully underprepared for this ambush. Like Benghazi, reinforcements were nowhere to be found, however, there have been no calls for the investigation of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – but I digress.

Some may feel that meddling in an election does not warrant the kind of scrutiny as the tragic deaths of our fellow countrymen (except, apparently, when the executive branch is occupied by Democrats), but many patriotic Americans fear the death of our democracy and the loss of integrity of our electoral system.

I say let the investigation move forward, and if it takes three years to clear the current administration of wrongdoing – or not – so be it.

Denise Prince


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