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Letters: Spate of sex abuse revelations underscores many hypocrisies

Spate of sex abuse revelations underscores many hypocrisies

The ongoing revelations of sexual abuse of the vulnerable by the wealthy and powerful rightfully rouse our moral outrage. However, the ferocity of the public shaming without regard for the possibility of innocence or past atonement is out of control. In the Jacobin courts of sexual correctness, justice is guillotine-quick and ruthlessly executed. Accusations are accepted as facts and further accusations as further proof.

Heads must roll and, along with careers and reputations, be publicly impaled upon the ramparts of righteous indignation. The freedom from moral restraint championed by the sexual revolution of the 1960s has morphed into a more vindictive moral code that sanctimoniously outshames the revolution’s mockery of the Scarlet Letter.

As concerning are the claims of some in the entertainment industry that “everyone” had long known of the predatory sexual behavior of certain entertainment elites, particularly in regards to the sexual abuse of children. That those who knew are not considered morally culpable for silently permitting the outrage to continue speaks of a double standard.

There is an even more venomous hypocrisy. Appalled as we are by the arrogance of those who callously use and discard the weak for sexual gratification, our children continue to be sexualized by the advertising, entertainment and fashion industries – and we encourage it. And, in deference to a new flag, from the earliest grades they are being taught to pledge allegiance to an imposed curriculum that encourages sexual self-expression and experimentation and that ridicules the values of family and Church. Our children are being methodically groomed to be the compliant snails and oysters for the appetites and tastes of those who, through their gospel of diversity and tolerance, have reshaped the sexual landscape – and we let it happen.

Anthony V. Stockus


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