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Letters: Opinion pages showcase dumbing down of America

Opinion pages showcase dumbing down of America

Each and every day the opinion pages of the paper serve to reinforce the dumbing down of America. As I see it:

1) If folks are outraged enough about the new tax bill passing before anyone has read it, where were they when Rep. Nancy Pelosi made her famous remark about Obamacare when she said “we have to pass it so we know what’s in it”?

2) Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants the state to stop investing pension assets in companies connected to fossil fuels. Further, he wants to gain access to the fund selection by partnering with the state comptroller.

Yet again, the governor makes a great sounding suggestion on the surface but is there more? Sure seems so. First, the state has a fiduciary responsibility to the pension plan. Who will fund the plan if and when the investment return fails to meet expectations? That will be yet another government-manufactured crisis that will get dumped on state taxpayers. If the governor really wants to make a difference might he not want the plan to own MORE of the equity? As a substantial owner of the company(s) in question, might the state then be in position to really make a difference in policy?

3) Maybe when the realities of the new tax bill become apparent through experience all the outraged citizens will start pointing at our dysfunction to do something about our unsustainable state tax burden? Just maybe?

I’ll offer two thoughts to illustrate the point. It’s often quoted that any government big enough to give you (us) everything is big enough to take it away. Second, JFK said “Too often we ... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

If the collective “we” thinks this is a party politics problem – well, that’s the problem. Guess what? Offshore accounts, tax loopholes, secret money payments and what have you. These have existed and been going on for DECADES and have been condoned by BOTH parties. As much as that statement riles the Trump haters, for way too long both parties have failed the American people.

This nonsense goes on every single day. Democrats vs. Republicans. Black vs. white. My view vs. everybody else in the universe.

We all need a new, different and better way forward.

Vincent J. Morabito


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