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Letters: Letter on Christmas inspires an hour of online research

Letter on Christmas inspires an hour of online research

Regarding “Another View on ... Christmas,” and the writer’s strong opinions: I Googled some of his points. The web lit up with very looong opinions in support of, opposed to and lots of in-between stuff. That was one hour ago and, finally, I’ve stopped reading. Yawn ...

Bottom line? As a devout Christian, yes, I have a Christmas tree. It’s an evergreen to signify everlasting life through Jesus. The star at the top reminds me of the Bethlehem Star, and there’s a Nativity set nestled under the branches for, well, the obvious reason.

I wonder if the writer goes to church on Sundays? Because, oh, guess what? Sunday worship also has its origins in paganism.

All of these things certainly did begin as ancient Babylonian or Egyptian or Roman celebrations. But once the followers of our God, Jesus, got involved, it became all about Him. Quite a triumph, Jesus. “Behold, I am making all things new.” And the “human secularists?” Since they don’t worship anything, why should the gentleman be bothered?

He clearly knows the Bible, so perhaps he should find and take to heart the passage that says whatever a person chooses to eat, or not eat, or whatever day we use for worship, we should not be judged, for we do it unto the Lord.

Candice Tortorice


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