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Letters: GOP tax bill gets worse the more we learn about it

GOP tax bill gets worse the more we learn about it

Yay! Finally, tax relief for families and the middle class! Yay for the GOP! Oh, wait – for us it’s actually a pretty confusing mix of hikes and cuts, and the cuts expire after the next big election? Total coincidence, I’m sure. At least it’s fair, right? Cuts for the truly wealthy will expire then too. Oh, wait – those don’t ever expire? Simple oversight, I’m sure.

Well at least it isn’t going to put the country deeper into debt because their own rules say they would have to get at least a few Democratic senators on board to pass that. Oh, wait – they’re claiming (again) that spectacular, unprecedented growth will cover their $1.5 trillion shortfall.

Then at least it has to create jobs, jobs, jobs. Oh, wait – the wealthy and corporations are getting all those permanent cuts free and clear whether or not they create jobs and the economy grows? There’s much more. It gets worse the more we learn about it.

This is what the GOP thinks we voters in “families and the middle class” will accept. I think they’re mistaken.

Philip Dumitru


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